Earth With Star Quest Title

Star Quest

An educational game set in space

Star Quest is an educational game with a setting in space, the Solar system to be more precise. There is a rich background story provided to user prior to the game start that explains the great danger humanity is facing and that the only person that has the information to save everyone is an astronaut Eli. Now Eli needs help in navigating the spaceship through different obstacles from asteroids to alien attacks to safely return to home planet, Earth, with the crucial information.

These obstacles are contained within 3 levels the user passes, and each level is represented by one of the planets in the correct order: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and when the final level is won the player reaches the planet Earth.

Target group of players are children 8-11 years old. Star Quest incorporates subtle bits of information about the space, planets, and elements the player encounters throughout the levels and thereby creates an enjoyable learning process.

The game can be played online here.

Saturn 2
Jupiter 2 Enemy Shooting
Mars 1


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